North Harbour Rugby proudly kicks off its non-contact Rugby season this weekend with two Rugby festivals at Marist North Harbour and Silverdale Rugby clubs.

Maximising Engagement and Participation through quality community experiences will see further development of a future focused Participation model that will create more opportunities for our Junior Boys and Girls to play Contact or Non-Contact versions of Junior Club Rugby than ever before.

In 2019; North Harbour Rugby will run a Boys non-Contact version of Rugby in two grades. U13 Boys Quick Rip Rugby and U9 Boys Rippa Rugby will play in a regular Saturday morning fixtures throughout the winter season. There will be a total of thirteen teams playing across the two grades. This grade caters to players that are new to Rugby at an older age or those who do not want to continue in Tackle but want to enjoy their Junior Club Rugby experience.

The explosion of girls playing the game continues with a staggering 51 teams playing across U13, U11 Quick Rip Rugby, U9 Rippa Rigby in 2019, and an exciting new grade U15 Girls Quick Rip Rugby. The U15 Quick Rip Rugby grade is being run out of Club Rugby but is open to Secondary Schools to play on a Saturday morning. This is another first for North Harbour Rugby creating a hybrid competition where Clubs and Schools participants can play in the same competition for the team of their choice.

So come along and support your team in this weekend of Firsts for North Harbour Rugby, cheer these kids along and put them in the “Centre of their Rugby Experience”.